Do you know why your mom joined fitness clubs rather than dancing in front of the TV? Do you understand why we always invite friends and families every summer to the beach? Simple! We want to be with people who love to do what we want to do. Let me tell you a story.

I was about to exit from my friend’s birthday party when I heard a familiar voice from behind. It was my college friend whom I was able to work with back then. Then we started to catch up with our lives and realized that we will be working together on a collaboration of projects for a certain client.

As much as I wanted to cut our conversation short because I was running late, I decided to just listen and tried to be more mindful in connecting.  Right there and then before our conversation ended I realized that there is a benefit in connecting with people with the same mindsets just as I have. Indeed, people of the same feather flock together.

What does “same mindset” actually refers to?

Mindset does not only literally mean how you think neither perceive things or situations. It is somewhat psychologists call “theory of infrastructure linguistic alignment” – one way of saying that talking brings people closer by making them share a common conceptual ground.

It does not mean that you need to agree on all things but have similarities in what and how you consider basic ideas does the trick.


Have you ever met someone who was just on the same wavelength as you?

It’s not that hard to find one but some should be taken into context to consider that there are indeed benefits in connecting with people with the same mindset. Here are some of those:

  • These people can contribute to the possible output of your work.

Admit it or not, it would be so much easier to work with a person who thinks the same as you. In a group, agreeing on a lot of things will make the work fast. Contradictions and misunderstandings will be avoided, hence work will be lighter and more enjoyable.


  • Cultivates deeper friendship and relationship

Pure work is not totally bad but if one can establish or create moments of meaning and well-being, it exudes compatibility between people working closely together.  These feeling will create oneness to bolster the efficiency of work that can lead to positive results.

  • Creating a mindset where an exchange of ideas flourishes

Working with people with the same mindset will be a venue to acquire and learn new things. Since everyone is open in giving their views, the contributor can impart learning from the one who is accepting and listening to the idea. We could say that a person does not know everything after all.


  • Provides a positive environment that promotes self-esteem and well-being

If one is open to corrections and opinions then that is what he expects from a person with the same mindset. Self-esteem then is being confident to the overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.  The person would be very vocal in terms of expression that his or her opinion will not be subjected to prejudice.



What to expect?

Keyword here would be “same mindset”!

It is inevitable that a person cannot please everybody. In a group, there would be someone who will eventually contradict one person or the other. But here is the catch: disagreement and contradictions are NOT all that matters.

Working with people with the same mindset actually, means “synchronization is a result of connection”. Basic understanding and focus on what, how, when, where and to why could be the means to achieve a ‘common mindset’ without going beyond what is required from a person to connect with the other. Again, agreeing on all fours is not what is needed BUT basic things are important to be agreed upon to establish a connection.




Each person is unique. Connecting and creating the same mindset is a complex interplay of neural cell and response.  Connecting makes our lives more meaningful and gives us a sense of vitality. But finding common ground with people who are different than you is a bonus.


Join Karrie Christen, a professional photographer, who loves connecting with people. Finding similarities amidst our differences always keep every project grounded. If you are a business-minded person who believes in the word hustle then connect with Karrie! Let’s hustle together!


About Karrie Christen

Karrie has been a marketing consultant, coach, and director for over 21 years. She is the owner of The Client Attraction Formula, The Client Attraction Formula Academy, and HeyKarrieAnn. Karrie is passionate about helping people grow their businesses and enjoy life at the same time.

There are so many reasons why you should connect with people who share the same mindset.  Here are some of those: 

1. Creating a mindset where an exchange of ideas flourishes
2. Provides a positive environment that promotes self-esteem and well-being
3. These people can contribute to the possible output of your work
4. Cultivates deeper friendship and relationship