The internet has become a tool in expressing everyone’s right to free speech.  Facebook happened to be the MOST VISITED SITE on the web; I would say that Facebook IS the INTERNET at this point. Yes! Facebook, the most excellent, well-targeted business marketing platform in the world has failed many entrepreneurs and marketers SO many times.

You will hear many business owners say that Facebook isn’t good for marketing; that it just does not work. Others stated that they are just making money off of you. I can’t tell you how many business owners ask me this question, “Do Facebook Ads Really Work???”

Even though this is such a common question, I will tell you that I firmly disagree with what most of these people are claiming or telling you.  As one of Jerry Seinfeld’s’ many temporary girlfriends once said, “Yes, they ARE real, and they ARE amazing!”. In regards to the potential success you can achieve through correctly created and targeted Facebook ads, I would say “Yes they work, and they ARE amazing!”

Here’s the truth, and it’s the hardest pill for most people to swallow. If you don’t do Facebook ads correctly, you will lose money and see a negative ROI; you will then be another person claiming Facebook ads don’t work.  The reason that people say that Facebook Ads don’t work is that they don’t know what they are doing.  They are praying and spraying which does NOT WORK.

Facebook ads marketing is pretty complicated although it is also simple.  I think that describing the complexity of Facebook Ads as the complex is a colossal understatement most of the time. It is, however, not so complex that no one can understand it which is why Facebook Ads Training is something I offer and Facebook Ads management sucks a big portion of my marketing firm.

If you are considering getting started with some Facebook ads, I want to give you a basic overview to help you get started in the right direction. The reality is that you SHOULD be able to put money into Facebook ads and see an ROI of at least 2-1, but for me, I am not happy unless I see a return of at least 4-1 and I prefer 10-1 or greater.  

If you knew that for every $100 you pay Facebook that you will have a return of $500; how many times would you pay Facebook $100 for some ads?  Yes, all day long!


Here are the “REAL DEAL” about Facebook:

No. 1: Why should I pay Facebook for a paid ad when I can create a page post that acts like an ad?


Only a small percentage of users see your post. Why? Facebook, like all other social media platforms, has it’s own secret and proprietary algorithm. That complex little algorithm determines how many and which people see your posts; for most businesses, this number is pretty small. It is also the algorithm that determines what YOU see in your Newsfeed also. Although people, can opt to see all your posts, most never do that and don’t know about it.

If you use a personal page as a business page, the best is you can only reach the people you already know and have connected with. Not to mention, you risk having your Facebook profile shut down. Migrate to a business page (here are why do you should do that NOW)

No. 2: Facebook Targeting


For an ad to be effective, you have to speak to one client avatar. A client avatar is a single fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. You would have a different avatar for a senior portrait client compared to a newborn baby client; they have different fears, different goals, they shop at different places, they are at totally different places in their child’s lives.  They are about as far apart from one another as Earth is to Pluto.

How to create that avatar:  You know what she follows on facebook, where she shops, what her fears are and what gets her to spend money.  Your client avatar is bigger than that, but it is a good place to start.  It is very effective in understanding your customer’s purchasing decisions, but for facebook, it helps you target that person to see your ads. Your avatar description must contain not only demographic information, but also its fears, motivating beliefs, and their secret desires.

As I said, speak to ONLY one client’s avatar per Ad set to make Facebook Ad work. Have an eye-stopping image that doesn’t look like the stock images everyone else is using.


No. 3: Your Copy

The copy is the writing, the text they will read which will get them emotionally bound to what you are offering.  Remember, you are interrupting them, and if your kids did that without an excellent reason, you would be pissed.  Make sure you answer the following questions compellingly, so they see that you have a great reason to interrupt them when they are surfing facebook, checking out friends profiles and having some down time:

      • Why now? (Why is this important now?, Why should they act now? Is it time sensitive?)
      • Who should care? (Who is the offer for?)
      • Why should they care? (What’s in it for them?, What emotions does this fill, Keep asking yourself WHY a few times and you’ll get the real reason)
      • How can you prove it? (Testimonials, Case studies, Third Party’s credibility)

No. 4: No funnel, no sale, no client...

Your Ad won’t work if you have no sales funnel. If you send people to your home page on your website, you are better off not running a single ad.  You must have a fully functional and planned out sales funnel with a particular purpose.  Do you know what your offer is?  Your sales funnel has nothing to do with ANYTHING ELSE.  It also matched the wording and the look of your ad.  Below I will give you a basic run through of the basic funnel I use, I use a lot of different ones, but this is a good one generally speaking:

There are so many different ways to run your Facebook Ads, and this is only one way

  • What is your offer and how does it relate to the four questions in the copy section?
  • Where will they go when they click on your ad?
  • NEVER send them to your website; I repeat NEVER!!!
  • Only send them to a landing page that matches the look, feel and verbiage of the ad they clicked on.
  • Have a giveaway OR an offer so good they can’t pass it up
  • Keep it super time sensitive and downright amazing “Blow their minds and let them know they have to act NOW.”
  • Have a way to collect their info
  • The less info you ask for, the better
  • Your number one goal is getting them to book because of your time sensitive and fantastic offer – give them a real sense of urgency
  • Let them book online (I use

No. 5: Why Facebook Matters

Facebook is the most detailed targeting platform; we have ever; it is just freaking amazing.  You can target so precisely and get quite detailed in your targeting options. We can also know how the ad performs and optimize each campaign based on the information that we have.

Facebook works if you know how to make it work. So when you hear someone say, it doesn’t and it won’t, you can conclude that he or she does not have a good grasp of what Facebook Ads is, how does it work and how to make it work. Start by using a Facebook Business Page for your business, create your Avatar and make the most out of it by asking the questions above, and use a funnel for a given situation.


Karrie creates profitable Facebook ads for herself and her clients.  She has increased booking newborn and H.S. Seniors significantly because of Facebook Ads.   Her average small business client chooses to spend $500 to $4000 per month on ads, and they see a return on investment averaging about 5-1, but in photography, it is closer to 10-1. Check out The Client Attraction Formula Academy for more info. 

About Karrie Christen

Karrie has been a marketing consultant, coach, and director for over 21 years. She is the owner of The Client Attraction Formula, The Client Attraction Formula Academy, and HeyKarrieAnn. Karrie is passionate about helping people grow their businesses and enjoy life at the same time.

Does Facebook Ad really work?

Although Facebook Ads marketing is pretty complicated, it works! Here are the “REAL DEAL” about Facebook:
1: Why should I pay Facebook for a paid ad when I can create a page post that acts like an ad?
2: Facebook Targeting
3: Your Copy
4: No funnel, no sale, no client...
5: Why Facebook Matters