I love photography, but you may not know the real reason, so here it is: Photography affords us the magic of immortality. I can still remember the times when I was skimming my grandma’s photo albums. She had so many pictures of our ancestors, who seldom smiled in their portraits. I believe, judging by what I see, stiffness was the basis of image perfection back in those early days of photography. That thought always makes me smile!

Though the photos of today are 1000% livelier, I could say, old photos are far from “ugly”. They captivate me!  I recently took a trip to Ohio, which is where I was born, but haven’t lived since I was eight years old.  I went just to get copies of my great aunt’s photos and to hear her stories about her brother, my grandpa.  My immediate family doesn’t have many photos of my grandfather’s side of the family.  He was the only father figure I knew or loved; I took his name when I got divorced which is where Christen comes from. I had a deep desire to get copies of those photos.  On my trip, I learned that my son Jake looks JUST like my grandpa did at the same age. My great aunt told me that they also have the same personalities as well.  My Grandpa passed away really young, I was only seven years old and living with him and my grandma when he passed away.

Keeping my amusement on the side, my point is that photos usually outlive the ones who have been the subject of a photo. It does afford immortality at least as long as the photo is kept around.

Another reason is that photography documents my adventures and the life I treasure with my own family. They bring me back to where I was when the photo was taken, and for always it leaves an upward curve on my face. Who does not love that kind of feeling? I bet, no one!

My love for photography has brought me to a lot of places in life. Having my marketing blog dedicated to helping photographers for instance. I never imagined myself taking this road, and I am so glad I did. It helps me express myself, and what I’m passionate about, it helps fellow photographers understand that photography is a great business and how to make that happen, and it provides me a platform in which I can share this all with more people.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have yours too! Even if it is just about your photography and your life as a photographer, your life as a business owner and mom or wife and any other blog that is you.

Let’s be honest; only a few photographers have a blog of their own. If they do, it is mostly for portfolio purposes, no tips on marketing, finding clients, or dealing with photography challenges. Unlike other niches where you can see people sharing their thoughts, photographers offer less to the world when there are so many interesting things they have the ability to share with their clients and the world.  I happen to be someone who loves to help other people achieve their goals, and my blog helps me do just that.

At first, I did find it weird talking to myself while my hands are typing on the keyboard, trying to keep up with what I am thinking. Initially, I was hesitant to do it, but I just keep on working at it. Blogging helps me voice my opinion, listen to other people’s suggestion and find better solutions for what I might consider are mistakes. I learn to accept criticisms with a light heart and keep my feet on the ground when I get compliments. I never thought I could learn these things out of blogging and I am sure you can learn a thing or two as well.

I hope that my words inspire others who are looking to grow their businesses and wanting to make a full-time income working part time.  Letting other moms know that they can be there for their kids while working in their lucrative business and that no matter what you’re trying to overcome, you can do it and I will be there to help.

Here are a few more reasons to blog:

1. Create a fan base


This is my audience; that thought makes me swoon every time I think of it. It just makes me feel like like what I bring forward in the world matters, that I can help other people achieve the same goals I once dreamed of making happen for myself. You know how I build my circle? I give value in every post I create. Pretty simple, but very challenging too! Those people who keep reading my blog keep me pumped in every challenge from brainstorming good topics to write about, to the tons of revisions I make. Undeniably, they polish me into an even more creative and resourceful individual.


2. Boost your credibility with the people that matter


In blogging, it is unavoidable to share bits of your life, your struggles, how you handle situations, your successes and more. I have never been a closed book about my life, and I have had a big life with a lot of struggle. When sharing personal moments as the author, I create connections with each reader. Those connection translate to trust.  Sometimes the connection is admiration, trust, or maybe my story resonates with someone going through the same life struggles that I have worked hard to overcome which gives them hope.  At times, I maybe viewed as an expert, a friend or a role model but no matter what connects us, you know me as a real person, which makes all of this even more possible and enjoyable.


3. Right Place for Feedback


People are observant and been exposed to different situations. Use it! Ask for feedback. Scared? Well, it is scary! The thought that you openly ask people about their opinion can be a little daunting. Don’t be overwhelmed by the fact that they can openly fire anything on you. Think of it as a win-win outcome. If they say compliments, you’ll be more confident of what you can do. If it’s a negative feedback, take it as a challenge to work harder. Use that negative feedback to have great achievement!


Serious photographers always aim to be a better photographer. This is true even to those you thought are an expert on the field.


4. Boost your Marketing Strategy


Whatever kind of marketing you want to take advantage of, having a blog is a like publicizing your work, and “putting your name out there”. How many people check the internet first before dealing with anyone personally, to make sure they are legit? How many people search the net to find something that they need to be done locally? How many people do you know, personally and online, who are put in the limelight because they have done something awesome? I can’t give you an exact figure, but I know they are countless. Blogging will help your business. How? By influencing people to take action when the time is right.

Grab your camera, get a blog of your own, and share with other people how you see the world. We all have a different perception. Think about what your clients wish they knew, what they should know and what you can provide them to make life more interesting or enjoyable.  Put who you are out there, connect with people on a deep and personal level, create stories about clients who have touched your life and share your own stories tips and enchanting tales.  Just share, be real, be helpful and be entertaining.

About Karrie Christen

Karrie has been a marketing consultant, coach, and director for over 21 years. She is the owner of The Client Attraction Formula, The Client Attraction Formula Academy, and HeyKarrieAnn. Karrie is passionate about helping people grow their businesses and enjoy life at the same time.