These are my FIVE personal favorite tips & strategies I personaly use to marketing and grow my own buisness and hundreds of my clients businesses.

Marketing Tip 1 – Send ALL Marketing Traffic HERE

I have two words for you here: "Landing Page and Funnel". I will N.E.V.E.R send my prospective client marketing traffic to my website – NEVER.

Marketing should always be working for you which is why I like landing pages. I dont even have my main website on my business cards becasue I feel this strongly about this. Your website is most likely a black hole of information and when we are looking to gain new clients we do not want to send them there.

Marketing with Landing Pages
Marketing Your Business NEEDS to Include Landing Pages

You want prospects to TAKE ACTION, you don't want them to get sidetracked. They came their for ONE reason. You will need to determin what that one reason will be as a part of your marketing. Your landing page is the first part of your prospecting funnel and that is where you want your marekting traffic to land.

"Marketing should never be done unless you are getting something out of it at some level. " ~ Karrie Christen

A landing page is a stand alone web page with ONE purpose and ONE purpose only.

There are no links on this page, there is no navigation and no way to get distracted why my marketing includes landing pages.

We use funnel based, marketing landing pages this way:

  • “Free Offers” (Just like this one!)
  • “Ask Campaigns” gather peoples top questions for our next presentationinvite them all.
  • Applications for Free Consultation
  • Share Campaigns – get people to share this page to win something
  • Webinar Signups
  • A Special Coupon or Offer

I have used ClickFunnels for all of our markeitng since it first was launched. I prefer to use their servie over all others that I have tried. Not only do I use them for markeitng funnels but I also use them for many of my websites.

The above links will give you a free 14 day trial under my affiliate link.

In order for you to receive this training you were sent to a landing page. I am able to direct traffic to this specific page in as many ways as I can imagine including using social media paid ads, a physical mailing, an email or my prospecting business cards I use. I can also track visitors and add them to one or my paid scoial media marketing campaigns.

Marketing Tip 2 – Give Openly and Give Often

The more you give freely and openly the more people want to work with you which is a great marketing strategy.

I am in the business of helping people grow their business through great marketing. I choose to be open about everything I do for my marketing clients and students.

I often here this:

But if I give my talent away then who will pay me? I need to make money to live. ~ Lots of People Who Are Scared

It is a common fear that doing this will mean that my potential clients will take that info and just do it on their own, that they won't “need” me anymore. Here is my philosophy: I am actually fine with that! I just want to see more successful, happy and profitable entrepreneurs and I love being the catalyst for that in any way that I can be. Building and nurturing entrepreneurship, touching as many lives and families as I possibly can during my life is my passion and mission.

You might be thinking… But Karrie… I need to make money and I have worked way too hard to be great at what I do. I need to make money too; I am a single parent raising a teenaged son. Do you want to know what happened to my business when I put my passion before making a profit? My businesses went through the roof, people wanted to work with me becasue they resonate with me.

Marketing Tip 3 – Educational & Entertaining Cell Phone Videos

As human beings, it is our nature to look for connections with like-minded people and video makes that possible. We can use this for marketing our business!

Connection is built into our DNA and it totally natural; we gravitate towards other people that we relate to. This is due to the limbic area of our brain that creates that connection in a way that does not include words or logic; it just IS.

Creating videos regularly helps build that connection though creating the feeling or “Know, Like and Trust”.

These are most likely different than the videos most people think about. Most people think that this needs to be a production; that they need to buy special equipment and get all “professional”. They believe it needs to look like something they see on TV or in a commercial. Guess what! It doesn't need to be that and it's more personal if it isn't like that. You most likely have everything you need in your pocket right now…. It’s your cell phone and it is A-MAZ-ING.

If you happen to WANT to take it up a notch and you want to go a little crazy I would suggest spending about $50 more and get the following things:

  • A selfie stick or mini tripod ($10 to $20)
  • An aux lapel mic ($15)
  • And use an app called InShot for editing ($10)

On most days I simply use my phone, a selfie stick and then quickly edit the video with InShot. The average 1-3 minute video takes me 10 minutes to shoot, edit and post.

Quick Tip: I use a selfie stick positioned a little high to look thinner on younger in videos. Then I add a skin filter or whatever filter looks good to pretty up my cell videos.

The reality: All people are critical of themselves and not you. The more “normal” you are in a cell phone video the greater the connection.

Get over yourself, no one cares what you look like, sound like or anything else if you can help them solve a problem. Put your business, your finances, your family and your aspiration ahead of your fears.

But… What if I am not comfortable on video????

I highly suggest that you truly discover if you are not comfortable on video first and push through that fear. Now if you learn that you just truly "suck" on video which is different then not liking the way you look… Then consider doing audio and screen share recording next, audio or podcasting or in a worst case scenario then consider just creating white papers to market your business. Video is my favorite and I personally believe is the best for building the markeitng "know, like and trust" we are going for.

Marketing Tip 5 – Speaking and/or Teaching

When you possition yourself as the expert publicly, you are SEEN as an expert! That is a great marketing opportunity!

I used to HATE standing up and teaching anything because I was a shy and award kid who didn’t have much confidence. I wasn't the public speaking profession I have become. When you grow up feeling small and insignificant due to unfair life situation you have no control over, you don’t exactly feel comfortable up in front of other people.

I eventually found myself in my early teens I found my voice although I still didn't trust my value until I pushed through it in my late 30s. Then, I found that my BIG VOICE when I really embraced my passion to help other people create the life they dreamed of having for themselves and their families through their business dreams. My passion was more important then my fear of feeling like a fool.

Just so you know, I still feel fat, I occasionally feel like there is someone better at this then I am, I now feel old too, I don’t like my voice and at times I look in the mirror and just wish I could have so many things “fixed” but I still feel at home on stage.

All Speaking Paths Are Different – What is Yours?

Not everyone needs to teach in the same way I choose to teach or speak. I do encourage you to find a way to make this possible for yourself. Start by joining a leads group or business networking group so you have the opportunity to speak to small groups. Also, consider teaching or speaking online, even if you are using a PowerPoint-style presentation and staying off camera. Consider creating some free trainings that will help your ideal clients accomplish something that matters to them.

Just share all the knowledge inside your wonderful mind with people. And remember this…. In The Land of the Blind, The One Eyed Man is King. You are an expert to those who are not as far along in their journey as you are.

How speaking and teaching have effected my marketing business:

In just 6 months of doing this at least once a month I tripped my business! I gained so many clients and international recognition. I was asked to become a partner in two additional businesses because they want my name attached to theirs. I have been offered "to die for speaking gigs" that will put me in front of over 62K plus people and have been invited onto multiple podcasts and webinars that serve my ideal clients. Was it worth it? HELL YES it was WORTH IT!

Marketing Tip 5 – Networking with the RIGHT People

In every single business I have run or owned, networking has been one of my greatest marketing opportunities. Not all networking groups are created equal!

My goal in a networking group is not to sell the people in the group my service but to teach them how to be successful in their own businesses and to gain their referrals. To me, a great group may be differnt then what is a great group for you. I will only join a business to business and the professionals should primarily be pretty established which is the best fit for what I offer. I do visit other groups with newer business owners to promote my training program but admittedly, those are groups I would rather offer a free mini training and not join the group.

Join and then become a resource for the group. Make sure to do one on one meetings with everyone, build a professional friendship, help them with advice and ideas. Look for opportunities to work together for the benefit of both your businesses.

About Karrie Christen

Karrie has been a marketing consultant, coach, and director for over 21 years. She is the owner of The Client Attraction Formula, The Client Attraction Formula Academy, and HeyKarrieAnn. Karrie is passionate about helping people grow their businesses and enjoy life at the same time.