There is REALLY No Such Thing as Average...

But since everyone asks....

I use some basic benchmarks based on facebook ads over the last 6 months and I will share this infomation with you.  When you look at these figure, please remember that these dont take anything but avarages into concideration.  So many differnt things effect your numbers including, time of year, compitition for ad space, the targeting of your ad, the time of day, the specific people you are targeting and so much more.

Average CPC

Avarage Cost Per Click – $1.00

Good CTR

For Cold Audience – 1% & Retargeting Audience 4%

Average CPA For Coaches

For Coaches & Booked Calls- $100

Average CPA Service Leads

Service Sector CPA Leads – $50.00

Average Cost Per Webinar Registration

$3.00 to $10.00

Average Webinar Registration Landing Page Conversion Rate


Average CPM

Cost Per 1000 impressions – $10.00

Average Cost Per Lead Form

Varies greatly – $3-$20

Average CPA

On $100 Product: $20-$30 & On $500 Product: $80-$100

Average Ecommerce Cart Abandon Rate


Average Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Average Webinar Conversion Rate

5% – 10%