I love to go out with my son, but at the same time, our interests at 13 vs. 42 can be pretty different.

Whenever we have a mother-son date (he HATES me calling it this, but I still do it lol), he’s recently been insisting on going to this restaurant where he says, “They have the best pizza ever”. We’ve been there twice, and he keeps on asking to go back when we have time to hang out.

You’ll never get enough of pizza do you?” I asked him. He just laughs and says, “Obviously.”  He is a goofy teenager, and he finds himself pretty entertaining, but I would have to agree.

They have the best pizza, but pizza will never be my thing because I don’t feel well when I eat flour which is not fair.

Just about three days ago, a friend who runs a commercial property management company called me. She knows my reputation well as a Results Driven Digital Marketer, and she refers a lot of clients my way. I love her referrals, but this last one was a client I choose not to accept. The reason? The business owner doesn’t value social media as a marketing channel, and nothing I say will inspire her to change her mind.  She wanted to use our virtual marketing director services, but her mind was closed off to 100% of the methods we successfully use even.  She had her plan, and she wanted someone only to implement that plan, but that’s not what we do here.

In the business and marketing arena, we call this niche.  Our niche is helping our clients implement our successful process to grow their businesses in the best way possible; we coach/mentor them, or we do it for them.  We are not a marketing staffing business…


Nicheing is not a label, but more of a focus. What is your specialty? Where are you good at? What is that something that you can call “That’s just MY THING!” Then that is your niche.


Having a niche, you are a specialist, offering your expertise to a targeted audience in mind, whose problem cannot be addressed by anyone else but you! That’s starting to sound awesome, right? You will hear scared businesses owners say that niching down is like is saying NO to clients.

Whattttt??? Now that’s really sad. I’ll say no to an opportunity? I don’t want that! If I can do it, I’ll accept that project. Heck, I will do anything someone is willing to pay me to do!

Most of us are hesitant in niching down because we think that we have to say no to people. The truth is, having a focus does not limit you to do what another thing that you can do well.


Why Niche Marketing Matters to You?


Just like choosing clothes to buy, we often ask, “Where’s the ____________ Department?” or we ask for a specific brand for whatever reason. People look for people who have particular qualities that solve a certain problem. They don’t look for people who appear to be an expert in everything.   If you are getting a divorce, you should go to a divorce attorney that does that every day and not a lawyer that does a few a year, plus bankruptcy and traffic court…  Believe me; you want someone who deals with this every day, someone that knows those judges and what strategies other people just like you have had success with.

Unconvinced still? Here are some reasons why you should not waste time on things you’re not great at and be a niche expert.


Broad targets, bigger competitors

Is that a problem? It is if you cannot handle the pressure! One of the challenges of marketing is how to position yourself to make you stand out. It is even harder to keep that position. You need resources for your needs, and you need resources to be competitive. You have to consider your competitors.

Do you have the ability to compete with big businesses? Do you have the resources? Having a limited resources, you won’t last a month with these sharks.

Do you have the ability to compete with big businesses? Do you have the resources? Having a limited resources, you won’t last a month with these sharks.

Therefore, it is advisable to provide specific services for specific people, in a specific way.

It gives you the chance to deliver your version of awesome, and it attracts more people. I’ve been looking for an Instagram marketer. I never thought that “Instagram marketing” is not so specific. As I research, I found that there are those people who manage Instagram to create contents or something to post and making sure that you got a consistent theme and there are those people who said they are experts in increasing Instagram followers. In my case, I know and I love doing the content and visual stuff. So, what services do you think I need to be successful on Instagram? I bet it’s the second one.


Position yourself as an expert of something makes you look good. It makes you and your services a BRAND. Now, how well you trust a brand compared to a brand-less entity. I am surely going to the first one.

Personal Connection:

Being able to provide specific solutions to your client, you’ll have a more personal connection. Just like how confident you are to talk and connect with your doctor because she is a heart specialist when you have a heart condition.

More Pay:  

I believe that someone who can drive to my house and teach Mathematics to my kids at the comfort of my home is more expensive as opposed to sending them to learning centers. The first one offers more work to do than me doing something.

Saying that it reminds me of something that I read somewhere. I was not so sure about the wording but goes like this: “Experts/experienced people are expensive. Well, wait until you hire someone cheaper. For me, they’ve got a good point. Expertise, experience, and knowledge make all the difference. I’d prefer to hire someone who knows what they are doing than wasting my time on a trial basis.  

If you are an expert in your field, I will not and do not expect your services to be cheap.

No time wasters. So, people saw your potential. They messaged you. You feel so excited about someone inquiring about your services; you replied detailing everything. It was long and yet, sadly, it ends up with them knowing your services is not what they’ve been looking to find. Don’t waste your time with those who are not looking for your services, want a bargain business or working with someone you won’t click with.

Your niche positions you as the expert and the best choice for people wanting an expert; these are the people willing to pay you what your worth because they want someone just like you.

Do the work that you love!  That’s what makes work enjoyable, what makes goals easier to achieve. Just imagine how crappy it will feel if you don’t enjoy this client or job. You will hate it!  I’m sure you will become a little discouraged with your work life and even question your business goals.

Niching down, you’ll get less and less of what you DON’T WANT  to do.


What to do

Niche marketing is fine-tuning yourself to a set of skills that you can do really well and targeting a specific group of people (demographic, interest and more). Others even go down to limiting the location. I love dealing with local entrepreneurs, or some businesses prefer individual states that have no one offering these services in the area.

Brainstorm and decide your forte. Where do you want to spend your time, energy and expertise? Finding your niche is a big factor in marketing your services or product. Be more of yourself, work on things you love to do, get more pay, and build deeper business relationships.  You can do that!

About Karrie Christen

Karrie has been a marketing consultant, coach, and director for over 21 years. She is the owner of The Client Attraction Formula, The Client Attraction Formula Academy, and HeyKarrieAnn. Karrie is passionate about helping people grow their businesses and enjoy life at the same time.

Everyone is not your customer!  Here's how finding a smaller niche brings in big results. Provide specific services for specific people in a specific way. Nice down now!