What is The Client Attraction Formula all about?

The Client Attraction Formula aims to provide small business owners a solid formula which is fully supported through online and live support so that you are never alone of confused about what YOU need to be doing or how to do it. We provide valuable and free tips through our blog. Educate business owners, authors, coaches and photographers on what needs to be done to keep their business running and profitable, establish authority in the niche, how to beat local competition, in order to ensure that their business outsmarts the local and online competition. Our methods are proven effective and have been used by hundreds of clients over the last 20 plus years.

Why do you love marketing so much?

Man, I really do love marketing!  I love it so much it doesn’t feel like work at all to me and it brings crazy amounts of joy and a feeling of success into my life; I think I will never need to “retire”!

I love it because I get to help make people’s dreams a reality.  I get to be a part of making life better for them and their families.  I can grow their dream and make it even better and easier than they ever imagined.  I wish I had this skill as a kid watching my parents, families and grandparents businesses struggle; I wish I could have created this magic for them at that time but it is another reason I am so passionate about helping others today.  Of course i make a living doing this but what i do for others feeds my soul and I believe it makes their lives much better too!

How did you get started in marketing?

I have always been a marketer at heart, even from a young age.  I would go door to door as a kid (9 and up lol) offering my services or products.  I had no fear and loved to promote what I was doing.  I was raised around business owners my whole life which is one of the reasons this came to me so early.


I went to college initially for graphic design and advertizing and then got my degree in marketing.  I wanted to help people like my family who struggled to run their own businesses which was their dream.  I wanted to help make people’s dreams and vision a reality; to change their stars and the future of their families.  I get cheesy because I am so passionate and attached to my clients success.


After finishing school I started my first agency but I have also worked as a marketing director at different times in my career.  I always come back to helping small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs because that is where my heart lies and where I get to make the biggest difference in people’s businesses and in turn in their lives.

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